Corporate Philosophy

A one-stop destination for all your glass needs

We rapidly respond to our customers’ glass product needs, from general volumeters to order-made specialty glass devices. The fine precision and excellent quality of our products make accurate and consistent experimentation possible. Furthermore, our expansive sales network allows us to act as a supplier of countless products from a wide variety of manufacturers. In addition to these intermediary roles in line with our customers’ requests, we are also equipped to carry out research activities and business support. Our factories in Miyama and Chikugo carry out product manufacturing and development at a scale few companies in Japan can match. Our capacity is only equaled by our dedication to maintaining the highest quality as we pour our efforts into creating precise, reliable products. We at Climbing offer a full lineup of research and experimental equipment that puts to use our considerable experience and knowledge in working with glass to the benefit of our customers.


The story behind our name

Our name was created when two companies, Fuji Manufacturing and Yamaguchi Riken, merged in 1997 and decided to use a new name for the company.
Since one company included “Fuji” and the other included “Yama” (Japanese for “mountain”) in their names, the name “Climbing” was created to reflect this common theme.
The swirling arrow mark embodies our desire for continuous improvement, and the blue and green colors symbolize our contributions to technical innovation and environmental conservation.



Business Activities

Manufacture of glass volumeters for research and development and quality control, manufacture of glass equipment for scientific analysis

Precise, high-quality products for accurate and consistent experimentation, from general volumeters to order-made specialty glass devices

Equipment for research and development and quality control

Supplying countless products from a wide variety of manufacturers through an expansive sales network

Glass products for the electronics and semiconductor industries

Processes for organic electroluminescence cap glass / nonglare glass surfaces

Processing of decorative sheet glass for the building industry

Etching of shop names, logos etc. onto glass surfaces, frosting of clear glass

Stainless surfacing and cleaning agent manufacture for the steel industry

Passivation of welded parts, cleaning of piping interiors