Message from the President

Our company post-merger and our vision for the future

Climbing Co. Ltd. merged with Daiwatec, Inc. in July 2016. Climbing had come to specialize in processing pipe-shaped glass equipment, while Daiwatec’s domain of expertise was in the processing of sheet glass. By combining our respective strengths, we have formed a new company with wider possibilities for our customers.
For the domestic market, as the number of manufacturers in Japan have dwindled in recent years, we are dedicated to continue supplying products that have become essential to many of our customers. We will carry on where other companies would not.
For the international market, in place of sales we have traditionally sourced more products from overseas, but as of September 2016, we have customers in 10 different countries. While we have not been able to keep pace with the rate of globalization across the world, we intend to grow our international presence over time.

Our commitment to service and quality

We have put it on ourselves to provide a wide range of services that cannot be found at other companies.
The broad range of services and products we offer incorporate technologies for accurately marking graduations on glass, technologies for machine-processing large volumes of glass, burner processing and glass polishing by veteran technicians, control technologies for precise glass surface processing, decorative glass with intricate designs, and stainless steel surfacing agents derived from by-products of glass processing.
We forgo traditional watch-and-learn methods of passing on skills and knowledge, with managers and veterans providing thorough hands-on guidance on the factory floor.
Our technicians are also trained in quality control methods that they incorporate into their work, and our machine operators are trained in sequencer usage and equipment structure concepts.

The future of Climbing

As technological concepts such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence play an increasingly greater role in our industry, we must adapt our skills and the services we provide to maintain our traditions of craftsmanship.
For us, the human touch is the hallmark of true craftsmanship. As our society ages and faces shrinking populations, we must face the possibility that in the future there may not be enough skilled workers to pass our skills on to. While some jobs can and will eventually be replaced by machines, we feel there are some jobs that cannot be performed by a machine.
We must stay vigilant and be ready to address these issues as they manifest going forward.
Some say that 80% of all human labor will ultimately be replaced by machines. We must continue to both preserve and innovate skills and techniques that rely on human ingenuity.

Social contributions

Glass has become an essential material for our daily lives. The first examples of glass are beads that were produced over 4,000 years ago, and they still remain intact today. Even after millennia, we have yet to unlock all the mysteries of glass. Is glass a liquid, or is it a solid? This simple question has yet to be answered in scientific terms. Personally, I think it’s a liquid! In any case, we at Climbing are constantly examining the properties of glass and pursuing its secrets to create products that meet the needs of society. With this ethos in mind, it goes without saying environmental protection is a consideration in all our work.
Apart from our internal policies, our staff also regularly participate in community clean-up activities.
Going forward as a new company, we will put in greater efforts to engage the communities we work and live in.

For prospective employees

We are always looking for the next generation of talent to carry forward Japan’s spirit of craftsmanship.
In an age where personal, real connections among people are dwindling, we hope to build a company that values each and every employee and the traits that make each of them unique.


Climbing Co. Ltd.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Shin Hamachi